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Virus Free America’s mission is to passionately raise money to acquire necessary medical equipment for lower income areas while helping add levity in this time of need.


By updating your wardrobe and sharing a smile with others in this time of human crisis by purchasing items from Virus Free America, LLC, you are helping the company to purchase ventilators and other personal protective equipment and medical supplies. Virus Free America, LLC is pledging to support low income and vulnerable communities in need and at greatest risk


Virus Free America, LLC is a small group of business people concerned for the well being of our neighbors, our communities, our states and our country.  We believe in harnessing our collective efforts to bring additional resources to those in need while offering the opportunity to make people smile while doing it.  Hopefully our organization will help show your love and support for your friends, neighbors and other Americans. Our faith is based in you.


Respect     *     Humanity     *     Creativity     *     Advocate     *     Caring

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